1. The purchase of services from BALTIQA DAY SPA, as well as the mere use of the service, is
tantamount to submitting a statement by the guest that there are no health
contraindications to the services offered by BALTIQA DAY SPA and that the terms of

service have become aquainted.

2. BALTIQA DAY SPA is a zone of silence and relaxation. SPA staff have the right to ask
guests who do not comply with the rules of silence or in any way cause discomfort to

other guests using the SPA.

3. Reservations for treatments at BALTIQA DAY SPA are made Monday to Saturday from

10am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

4. Adolescents under 16 years of age can only use the services with permission and in the
presence of a parent or legal guardian. Children and adolescents can benefit from the

treatments offered in their respective category.

5. Please note that the follwing actions are prohibited on the terrain of BALTIQA DAY
SPA • Smoking • Drinking • Carrying any form of glass • Use of drugs and other
narcotics, etc. • Introduction of Animals • Trade and acquisitions • Sticking and leaving


6. In the absence of prior reservation, the guest can use the services provided the

presence of available places.

7. Booking a BALTIQA DAY SPA service is performed by checking the date in question by the
SPA staff and confirming the reservation on site, by e-mail or by telephone.
8.Reservation of the service at BALTIQA DAY SPA is valid until 15 minutes after the


9. In case of a lateness exceeding 15 minutes from the agreed date, SPA reserves the right
to cancel the reservation or shorten the treatment time without the possibility of

lowering the treatment price.

10. We encourage our guests wishing to use the SPA, to book treatments in advance, so
that they will take place at the most convenient time of your stay. Our qualified staff
will provide you with all the information about our offer and advise you on the
selection of treatments. If the guest has not made a reservation in advance and has not
informed the spa about his packaged treatment from the hotel, the SPA has the right to
refuse any service if there are no vacancies on the day. The guest is not entitled to

claim a refund for unused treatments at the same time.

11. We recommend that you come to the Spa without jewellery or valuables. Otherwise,
you will be asked to remove the jewellery before the treatment. The Spa is not responsible

for any jewellery left in the office or in the locker room.

12. Spa is a silence zone therefore, in the interest of your relaxation, please mute your
mobile phones for the treatment or turn them off before the treatment.
13. We understand that plans may change, so it is possible to cancel the treatment 12
hours before the scheduled time of treatment without incurring any costs. In case of
cancellation of the treatment within less than 12 hours until the planned treatment
SPA reserves the right to charge 100% of the treatment value.

14. BALTIQA DAY SPA reserves the right to change the opening hours, schedule of classes
taking place in the SPA, for independent reasons, such as 'force majeure' or technical


15. The guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of
BALTIQA DAY SPA equipment caused by him or her or by persons for whom he or she is


16. BALTIQA DAY SPA is not open to visitors: - whose condition indicates the consumption
of alcohol or other intoxicants, - with open wounds and inflammations of the skin, -
whose performance at Baltiqa DAY SPA may pose a threat to life or health - whose
behaviour may pose a threat to other guests and SPA employees whose personal hygiene

is different from the generally accepted standards.

17 . Guests who violate public order or regulations of BALTIQA DAY SPA will be removed
from the facility without reimbursement of entrance or treatment costs.

18. Contraindications for treatments in BALTIQA DAY SPA:
a. General contraindications to cosmetic treatments for face, feet, hands: -
mycoses - inflammations, abscesses and allergies - fresh scars - unhealed wounds -
dermatological changes disseminated or abscesses - acne skin as a
contraindication to some procedures - epilepsy - vein diseases.
The scope of the above contraindications includes all cosmetic treatments for
feet, facial treatments, and treatments for hands available in the offer of


b. General contraindications to massages and body treatments: - unbalanced
heart defects - pacemaker, endoprosthesis - advanced hypertensive disease -
menstruation time - first and last trimester pregnancy, breastfeeding - vein
inflammation, large varicose veins and aneurysms - malignant and benign tumors
- bleeding and tendency to hemorrhages - acute and subacute inflammations -

skin continuity disruption - fresh clots – epilepsy.

The scope of the above mentioned contraindications includes all massages and

body treatments.

19. Before proceeding to the treatment at BALTIQA DAY SPA Guests are required to
sign a statement of no contraindications to the selected treatments. That is to

fill in the consultation form in a reliable way.

20. Offers purchased on the Groupon website are not subject to modification.
21. If the customer wishes to cancel a purchased groupon offer, he can only do so
by contacting Groupon. Spa does not refund money for purchased and unused

Groupon offers.

22. Offers from Groupon portal can be used by two people at the same time, in one
room only if the offer clearly indicates that it is a package for two.
23. The client is informed about all possible side effects or temporary
imperfections of the epidermis before the procedure. Any skin lesions after the
treatment, of which the customer was informed, are not the basis for a refund for

the treatment.

24. Spa is not liable if the customer has not informed us about diseases, allergies to
cosmetics or previous treatments that exclude the possibility of carrying out
treatment in our spa, and by concealing the information, adverse effects have
occurred. It is also not a basis for a refund for the treatment.
25. Any complaints related to the service provided, the purchased cosmetic,
voucher or gift voucher should be submitted within 7 days of
on the day of the treatment or purchase, by e-mail to the address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following information should be included in the complaint:
- name, surname, e-mail address, contact number

- date and place of service provision / information about the advertised product

- confirmation (receipt, VAT invoice, coupon, voucher)
- description of the situation and the reason for the complaint.
26. If during the procedure the Client feels uncomfortable and would like to
finish the procedure, he should inform the staff to stop the procedure. In this
case, the cost of the treatment would be calculated as a % relative to the

duration of the service.

27. Pursuant to the Act on Out-of-court Resolution of Disputes of 30 May 2014 on
the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal
Data in the European Union. Consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014. 827), the
entrepreneur has 30 days to provide respond to a consumer complaint. This
provision applies to complaints submitted from 10 January 2017. No response to the
complaint within 30 days from the day of its receipt means the acceptance of the



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