Welcome to Spa River Style

Recently, we decided to change our greeting after 5 years of activity.

You ask us, why?
5 years is a very long time, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. We have also changed and we approach our work more maturely. Still the same professionally, still with the same energy and enthusiasm, but thanks to our clients we have gained a lot of faith in what we do and the certainty that we do it really well. 


The beginnings were dramatic.
Our first spa in Sopot on Haffnera street burned down in June 2013 after 3 weeks from the start of operations in
a new place. I think each of the employees thought that this was the end and that we would not get out of it... but our clients were those who had their treatments and did not accept that they would not take place. Thanks to you, that we got the strength that allowed us to get a grip, stop scratching and start working :). We have to look for a new place.


And so it happened, already in July 26 2013, 1.5 months after the fire, we started a new chapter in the Villa Baltica hotel in Sopot. Even then, we did not think that this is our first SPA and that there will be more. But customers have come and new points have been created. Then in 2015, we started here in Gdansk at the Scandic Hotel. We are currently in 5 hotels in the Tri-City, and we feel in our bones that this is not the end :)


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Massage and beauty salon. Treatments for face and body, care treatments for hands and feet, and massages

River Style Hotel & SPA, 84-240 Reda, ul. Pucka 10B



517 718 347


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609 220 730


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